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Why Aerocide?

We have been creating scents for luxury brands & groups for over a decade. Our technology, fragrances & services are top of the line across the globe.


Customized Scent Development

Aerocide creates & blends one of the finest quality ingredients towards the development of signature scent in accordance with our clients.

Together we develop unforgettable scents and associate them as a part of their brand personality.

Herbal & Non-toxic Scents

All our Scents are herbally extracted and blended without the addition of any harmful chemical additives, which makes the Scents Non-toxic in nature.


Best Quality Ingredients

We always select quality flowers and products for essential oil extraction using ancient traditional technology "Degs & Bhapka" system. This not only justifies the integrity & quality of aroma but also ensure the ayur-aromatherapy of Scents

Unmatched Scent Diffusion Technology​

Gralit Scent Detoxification System is based on Cold Pressure diffusion technology that ensures consistent scent delivery. The concentrated microscopic dry droplets released through scent guarantees richness of luxurious aroma for your brand & premises.


Fragrances For Everyone

We at Aerocide Herbal create a Tailor-made product as per the Client's Instructions and budget. We not only help them in creating their Perfect Scenting Solutions but also make them understand the benefits of Scenting and Aromatherapy on their customers by developing an array of scented products.

Before the developmental process starts we take a small survey of our Client's property, understand what he actually wants, how effective a product he is looking for, and lastly the budget under which he wants to achieve his Vision.

Therefore, We develop & deliver the scent through a wide range of Scent Delivery Systems starting from basic features to high-end fully automatic programmable machines. 

We Love In Doing Scenting For Everyone.

Believe In AyurAromatheraphy

Aromatherapy works by having a person inhale or ingest the “essential oil” of plants or by having these oils massaged into his or her skin. This essential oil refers to the scented parts of a plant that make up the “essence”, “soul”, or “spirit” of the plant, and it is obtained by extracting it from particular plants. Aromatherapy as a practice has been popular for centuries in all parts of the world, and it is still believed in and practiced today.

Ayur Aromatherapy does create a comfortable and relaxing environment for people thus helps in boosting their positivity level that significantly fights and lowers depression as a result their immune system gets stronger and stronger.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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