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Introducing garden incense from Aerocide. It is a simple and effective way to give your garden a pleasing aroma while still keeping insects at bay. Now more reasons to enjoy your time outdoor! Pair it with a stylish incense holder to give your garden an elegant feel. Add a touch of lemony scent with this garden incense in lemongrass & Citronella fragrance Eco-friendly Calming effect Item

Burns for up to 4 hours per stick depending on wind conditions. If your outdoor gathering doesn't last that long, snuff the incense out with aluminum foil or a shot glass and relight next time. 

Enhance the outdoors.

Our Garden Stick is a giant, outdoor incense that burns for up to 4 hours per stick and makes a party-enhancing addition to backyard hangouts, festivals, camping trips, and other outdoor settings. Fragrances include LemonGrass & Citronella.


Made of bamboo and essential oils, Aerocide Garden Incense Stick is an all-natural & non-toxic.

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