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From aesthetically designed standalone Tower Scent System to Beautiful wall mounting Scenting Systems we designed everything as per your needs. 

SDS 3000
SDS 20
SDS 2000
SDS 5000
SDS 2500

Aerocide Scent Delivery Systems are designed to deliver a perfect seamless olfactory experience. Built on the world’s most advanced cold-air diffusion technology, our Scenting atomization process ensures consistent fragrance levels and efficiency all across the year.


The atomization process beaks down the Essential Oils into a no-residue Nano-particle scent that helps to emanate even a long-lasting aroma in the air by preserving the quality of essential and aroma oils.

This dry fragrance mist is released into the HVAC/ TFA Or VRV ducts sending a consistent and even scent to the desired areas.

All Our Scent Delivery Systems are technologically advanced & equipped with LCD digital control panels that allow all sorts of programming & technical inputs that drive the Scenting. The scent machines are very easy to maintain and it provides you with the ultimate consistent fragrance ambiance.


Our HVAC scent Delivery Systems are very easy to set up and require no additional alterations to the HVAC/TFA/VRV system Or Ducting you have in place.


When it comes to diffusing aroma to larger Open spaces or multiple zones, we suggest the HVAC scent delivery system, which comes with an adjustable scent output and compact design.


This is perfect for both large and small areas that require discrete diffusion. Purpose-built to be connected to your HVAC/TFA/VRV ducting system it will also increase the efficiency of Fragrances in the Air by up to 50% (compared to diffusing straight into the air) without the need for additional scent diffusers, making it ideal for exhibition halls, casinosoffices, airports, and large hotel lobbies.

 Programmable Timer

The Built - in timer allows the user to schedule multiple scenting times in a day & throughout the week.

Adjustable Scenting

Designed with efficiency and latest technology, Our Scenting Systems comes with precision scent control.

Just Fine tune the systems as per your need. 

Connect to HVAC/TFA/VRV

To achieve an invisible & consistent fragrance experience, the Scent Delivery System connects directly with your HVAC systems, utilising the airflow of your ducts.

One System One Scent

Our Scent Delivery Systems are compactly designed & installed with 1 cartridge to deliver the perfect scent with greater coverage.

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