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Aerocide has the best collection of reed diffusers that will make your home smell like heaven. 

Our scented reed diffusers are also a perfect gifting product for family and friends. Add style to your home with our reusable eco-friendly reed diffuser set with easy reed diffuser refill packs options. 

Aerocide Reed Diffusers comes with flameless home fragrances that are a safe option for people with kids and pets.  Reed Diffusers don’t consume energy and are usually made of natural or recyclable materials. 

How To Use Reed Diffusers


When it comes to the intensity or potency of the scent released by a reed diffuser, it is worth remembering that the material the reeds are made of is almost as important as the fragrance itself. The sticks are usually made of rattan wood or synthetic polyamide. The latter is better for evaporation and therefore tends to be used with alcohol-free compositions in order to make up for their slower evaporation rate.

To improve evaporation, it may be necessary to flip the sticks over – especially if they are made of wood – to prevent them from becoming clogged. As a matter of fact, reeds tend to get dusty and congested over time, which means they lose their efficiency. You should also make sure to place your diffuser in a place with constant foot traffic to help the fragrance disperse throughout the room as the air circulates.

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